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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  January 23, 2011 6:00am-8:00am EST

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a 16-year-old girl with a lot of friends. >> we just want them t come home. that's all. >>wo families's frantic search for answers after their teenage son and dghter simply vanish. good morning and welcome to news 4 toy. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm kberly suiters. first, a check on the forecast. buck chel joins us ithe studio. it ridiculously cold.
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nice cold start. tonight into tomorrow morning might be the coldest of the bunch. we're not going to recover very much later on thiafternoon. the return of the northwest winds weren't quite so fierce. they'll be back later today. be ready for an indooreather kind of day. outside on a sunday morning we have a few mid and high-level clouds drifting overhead. whew! baby, it's cold outside. 20 degrees in upper northwest. 20 degrees downtown as well. 19 in prince george's county. 17, montgomery county. 15 deges in sterling, va vampt 16 in manassas. the northwesterly winds will pick upate morning, lunchtime. could see a passing snowflaker two, northern maryland, southern pennsylvania. mifternoon windchills bely
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t of the single digits. winds will play down tonight. that could set the stage for potentially the coldest night in more than o years. >> a l of places near zero tomorrow morning. >> all right. we'll check back with you. >> two missing teens i montgomery county have a community very concerned this mornin the teens have been gone nearly two weeks and their suv turned up abandoned. darcy spencer has more from parents who want to get the word out. >> as the mother or parents, if they a naways o something has happened, that is what is so heart wrenching. >> 17-year-old cole balancer son and rachel riley, high school sweet hearts, have been missing ten days. their families are playing a plea for them to come home or at least call. >> we want them to com home safe. if you know anythingbout where they are, just please call. ybody, just call.
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tell us where they are. >> cole's dad said his son apparently skipped schl wednesday, january 12th. colend rachel weret a friend's house. he said took rachel to her house and then come home after that,hey both vanished. thelack jeep wrangler was found a ban dannonned. >> any time your child is missing for an extended period of time, it seems to get a little bit longer. you're going to be scared. >> it was not planned. th do not have any money. as far as we know, the cell phones are not working. the tee attend sherwood hi school. they're described a athletes, good kids with n history of running away. their parents are baffled and frightened. >> whatever you' going through, whatever happened that caused youo run, it can be worked out. ere are many, many people here to help you work it out. >> a facebook back has been set upo bring attention to the
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search. plr nearly 17,000 people have joined. >> i think soonerr later they're going to feel uncomforble and say this is wrong and hopefully we'll find them then. >> mont gener motorsry county police are investiting a ssing person's case. they say there's no reason to suspect foul placement they he anyone who knows where the teens are will give them a call. darcy spencer, news 4 today. sergeant shriver haseen laid to rest. the pee corps. founder was buried next to his late wife. hundreds gathered in potomac, maryland one by one, they read short remembraes. first lady michelle obama,ice president joe biden, bill clinton oah and bono attended
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the service. >> for me as his only daughter, perhaps his greatestchievement s showing us howo show up i other people's lives and how to ve unconditiolly. >> most of us waste countless hours ting to elevate our position in e future in a way that doesn't amot to a hill of beans and keeps us from making the most of themoment. i have ner met a man in my life who was happier in the moment than sergeant shriver was. >> shriver died last tuesday after an eight-yearattle with alzheimer's. he was 95 years old. >> gabby giffordss getting ready for a fullay of rehabilitation day, according to a tweet from her husband, astronaut mark kelly. doctors i houston a still amazed at giords's recovery. they said she was more alert on saturday. her first full day and stood th a little assistance.
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giffords has not spokenet but she devil knows what's going on around her and she is goingo communicate butas not spoken yet. >> president obama preparing for his second statef the union. and the main focus will be jobs. in h weekly video address, he said he plans to outline an j. d he plans to work with repuicans to achieve these goals. the speech will be delivered tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. you can of cose watch it right here on nbc 4. and good ns for an area devastated by recession. general motors will announcet is addg 600 jobs to i assembly line plant in flint, michigan it currentlyas 2,000 workers and builds heavy duty chevy and gmc trucks. it is for workers who were previously laid off. eltway drivers in northern
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virginia in the week ahead. starting tomoow, major nstruction on th wilson bridge project couldause big backs for those tryg to get through alexania. telegraphoad will close every day next week at 9:30 a.m and reopen at 3:00, monday through thursday and noon on friday. vaous lanes of 495, huntington enue, will also be closed for construction. detour signs will be posted with an urge to avoid the area altogether. >> just don't go. >> if you could st avoid the busiest road in the entire are that, will be great. if you can call in forwork, wh would you call it? call in stuck. >> it's not that i'm not interested in coming to work, can't get there fro here. >> they tol me not to. >> that's right. lots of cold outside today. might the perfectay to find ur favorite movie and watch it over and over andver again.
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6:10 right now. ev inside your house is cold, isn't it? >> not in my hou. >> people within tee doors or three floors are all benefiting
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from the connuous ht blast furnace he has running in ere. people are blowi glass on the other side of the wall. i n't know about that. yeah. i'm sure aaron has it toasty wa. i can't sleep in a warm house. >> i can't either. >> we open a window. >>ut in this, though? >> it's just a little front. it's easy to sleep when you're ni and snuggled in. i diess. >> it never hpened before maybe once. take your snuggy with you no tter where you're going today. we won't get near the freezing ma this afternoon. expect a very chilly day. definitely one of our coldest weekends of the weher. so you might as well enjoy it. i saw the polar club out diving into the csapeake bay yesterday. cry! >> outside now we have mid and high lel clouds drifting overhead.
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officially the weather service reporting a mostly cloudy sky. temperature an even 20 degrees. dewpois were down into the single digits. they'll be there through the st of today and tonight. that's why tomorrow morning about this same time when the winds go back to near calm, a lot of spots in our western and northern suburbs will be in the single digits. this morning, mid to upper teens across theegion with a light breeze. but that northwest wd will return as soon as theun comes . light snow showers this morng. no accumulations are expecd. looks like it's warming up jus out to our west. temperature,4 degrees. higher than4 hours ago. the problem is still only 17 degrees. well below zo last ght. this afternoon temperatures are going to sta on the cold side. with reinforcing shots of cold air coming in on the northst winds today, tperatures will struggle to get into the mid and upper s by mid toate afternoon. as the temperatus get into the
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mid-20s, northwest wind will keep windchills down into the single digits and teens. high pressure driving the cold air in today, sitng right over the top of ts late tonight, early tomorrow morning. that's the reason tonight will be the colde of the bunch. for tomorrow, as itoves away, a little bit of moisture and warm air come up into the ohio valley. snowikely for indiana and ohio. for as we get towards 8:00 on tuesday night,ooks like a wedge of cold a and cold dry air. i'm really starting to think we may ha to down py our potential for snow this week. partly to mostly sunny d. breezy and cold. windchills harboring near 10 is afternoon. then tomorrow a bitter cold start tomorr morning. increasing clouds late in th day. not much o a recovery with a high near 26. i've lowered the precipitation chances for tuesday,own to 30% and only then late in the da
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60% chancef precipitation on wednesday. that's probably going tbe a rain/snow mix it's lookin like now. kids, if you had a big signment due wednesday or thursd, keep chugging away on it. this strnlgs i canno guarantee any delays or closures this week the way this thing is all over the place. unless the cputers can handle it, the less i believe something is going to haen. >> thanks, chk. >> well, could alex ovechn propel them into victory in toronto. >> hakim dermish hashe heights in this week's sports in a minu. >> good morning, eryone. your sports minut begins with the capils. guys north of the borr in toronto. second start in a ro he stops 35 of 36 shots he faced. ovechkin scored his first hat trick of the season. capitals w 4-1 over the maple leafs. wizards hosting theastern conference boston celtics at
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verizon center. yes, folks, they didn'tmplode down the streh. wizards took the lead with over a minute to go on the three-pointer off the glass. momes later, the celti had a chance to win it, but paul pierce shot iso good. wizards win 85-83. down a level. terpsrying to rebound from a tough loss on thursday night and they did just that. against th clemson tigers, williams finished with 15 points, 11 reboun, 13th consecutive double-double sets the school record. but the tigersad a chance to n it in the end. great look at the bucket. it fls short. maryland hangs on to win, 79-77. elsewhere, college about about, -64. george mason ees james madison, 75-73. george washington falls to saint bon a venture. that'sour sports minute. i'm hakim dermish. have great day. a lk at storiesffecting
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our commity. >> top stoes and your sunday forecast. good rning. welcome toeporters notebook. the op carry ban. in virginia, the governor, in a controveial move, cled for an immediate stop to the ban on thepen carrying of weapons in state parks. republican governor sent a letter to the conservion and recreation department saying i lacked the authority to enforce e ban which was put into pce by the democratic predecessor to governorcdonald. concealeweapon permit holders were free to carry firearms. now, they can carry their firearms openly in parks. there are many people who are questioning this because of the timing and because of concerns about public safety. and tourism. what do you think aut this? >> think it's just a bone-headed move, but it plays, once again, tthe right-wing,
6:17 am
gun-ting constituents of virginia. i'm not one othem. dot want to be o of them. i thk public relation-wise, it's absolutely right. here we ar after tucson where you had a gentleman who said i had a concealed weapon. i almost shot the wrong person. d then you think about this, what do you need weapons in a state park where people go for what purpose? really reeation. that's what you g for. look, virginia is the hom of national rifle asciation. and he'slaying to a political -- that polical con constituent. >> gun owners sayhey don't want thesessues confused. they have a right to their weapons. in fact, they even lobbied in the state capital this past ek.
6:18 am
>> they won't want lawmakers to erode on their rights. >> this is an unfortunate thing for a lot of pele. they have this great lov for guns. we're coming out of a time here in virginia which i between, say, tucson, arona, where we have terribleragedy and prince george's county where you have 14 kiings. t only prince george's but the region itself, which includes northern virginia where you have had more than 20 killis within this year itlf. so the question of gun-related llings is -- you know, t question is how do theseeople ink to bear arms and state parks. i have to agree with joe. children play in state parks. recreational places. so i think that he's playing to the nr a he's trying to protect his own constituents. there shouldn't be a surpris to what he's done.
6:19 am
heaid when he was attorney geral he thought the authorities had overseeded their bounds so he is just goi through with it. on one hand u can say it's disaster. but one thing that came out is a lot gun owners, guns are going to be taken away, let's buy morammunition. there's been an uptick in ammunition buying arizona. i believe they demonstrate in virginia in the wake of the giffords shooting. so this ban would satisfy them. in virgini it's unlikely that this is going to hurt him one way or the other. and theuestion the is what d we do about guns in the hands of the wronpeople and whatid we do about the issue. that debate is going on on the ll. despite an attempt to limit high velocity rapid-fire ammo, that's thei one push. >> seeshgs it's going to be state pas today.
6:20 am
there's a pusho have them on university campuses even in the wakef what happened at virginia tech. dave is right. everybody kno what this is about. 's a constituency. he's going to get a vote from it. and the realit is, you kn, you can still have the secd amendment but you can't go into dulles airportrmed and loaded. you can't get on an airline. so ty know there are limitations in the united states. >> a show of force in prince geor's county fails to prevent another killing hours after coty, local and federal police talk about their beed up crime-fighting strategy. the county registered s 14th murder so far this year. police recently began sending a lotf extra police officers each night where homicides have been taking place to gather leads. and the first four nights there were more than 1 arrests. but right after community leaders and clergy and elect
6:21 am
leers came together to say we can't do this alone. we need t community's help. there was another killing. >> i think peoe would applaud their move that the community does have to rise up and deal with this. other people mig be saying, again, based on my reporting, arthey looking at their budgets for community activities, youth activities. there aren't any jobs. people are worried about that. these are bad economic tis. a lot of people say they spawn this kind of behavior. they say that's wt it is you out to be thinking about that too. >> well, ion't know i'm way off the deep end with the wle thing about guns and what's happenewith teenagers. i think what the states attorney said last week the fact that guns in the hands of the wro people. well, at's maybe true. bu we promote guns. we talk abo guns in sta parks in virginia. we continuously talk about having a gun, owning a gun.
6:22 am
and our pager, ouroung adult today, they're the ones taking into this. th're the ones becoming victimized with this attitude that i have to have a gun because it gives m wer. >> what's driving this is the drug ade. >> right. >> let's b candid. that's what's dropping mostf th. secondly, the rlity is you also have people who are afraid to go o with the police. there's still ts attitude of i don't want to r out my friends. >> and this is one of the points made >> absolutely. and so there's got tbe a campaign. i would suggest to you the prince george's county leadership that they get on other channels and rio stations. and they've got to have a campaign thatt encourages peopl and wn people do cooperate
6:23 am
they can feel safe. >> right. >> thas extremely important. how do youut the witnesses under protecon? >> all right. from prince gege's countyo annapolis where t governor is struggling with the money issue. the governor was sworn in for the second time as the governor of state of maryland. inauguration was symboc of his hopes to curb spending. we say that because the event was very toned down. it was a more modest inauguration. he traded in the black tie gala this yea for dinner attire event. considering the state's $1.3 billion deficit, was it the apprriate time? >> i thi people will agree it was more symbolic than perhaps real becse ainprick as it were or just a drop about the money tha they really need to save. but he's thinking about it. hel get applauded for that.
6:24 am
and the question now is -- go back t prince george's coun. we talked about pgrams that can help pple in prince george's coty, there's no money. that's what officials are sang. and the governor has no money. he has to worry about schools, law enforcement, a whole host of government enterprises on a ghtbudget. inaugural ball or not, the hard part starts. >> i think he was sending message. the fact that as you look over the last year just the deficit, the cuts there wer challenges, furloughs. all of this came down to the thinwhere mr.'malley feels that he has to have a better image when it comes to his con constuen constituen. i'going to be tighter on programs. >> we have to take a brea we'll be right back. stay with us. [ man ] i as deciding wh to do
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welcome back. another ash over school reform. d.c. mayor vincent gray and interim schools chanc lar kaia henderson have this her difference of opinion. the system is called impact. and gray says this syem puts teachers and schools with large mbers of low ince students at a disadvantage. hendson said excellent teachers can help children rive regardless of their economic or social background. this is the first timehey have publicly disagreed. what do u make of this differce in approach and could it impac her future? >> at issue is the evaluation. little critics i wld say. little is put onf you teach in
6:27 am
a neighborhood that is socially andconomicallyisadvantaged as opposed to a ward 3 neighborhood where everybody is fairly affluent, of course you e going to do better. they're motited. they don't have crime. but in the other school there are lots of distctions. there are some cultural prlems. 's just a wholeifferent notion. but the teacher isn't given credit for trying to do the best he or she can. they're taken down if the grades don't come up. they say there suld be more emphasis put on e fact that there's a difrent neiborhood here andhe emphasis shouldn't solely be put on alatitude of a good teacher can do good anywhere. >> well, it has a lot to do with standards, too. we can't say that we have the same standar in southeast as we have in ward 3 like you're saying. >> i tnk we have the same aspirations. >> not standards. let's face it, you have double standards when you cross the potomac and thenacostia river.
6:28 am
there's a big difference when it mes to how children are raed. some children go to school, pa without even havin anything to eat. you're talking about a whole different situation. >> but hendeon said exclent teaching can help ofet that challenge. >> excellent teachers off don't want to teach i low income areas. master teache, they don't want to be over in low income areas. they too a big game, but the reality is they want to work their way out of that a then what happens in a ward 8 where you have me children i one ward whoo to the public school and fewer grants and programs for those students. >> exactly. >> and you've got an entirely differt culture that you have to overme. yes, good teachers should be able to do it. it's also expectations. sometimes you get good teachers with low expectation ofow income students, and that has an
6:29 am
impact. that's where the evaluation runs into problems. >> mayor gray's positio mirrors that of e teachers union. is ts a significant clash between gray and kaia henderson? >> yes. >> defining clash. beuse the fact is that that was e of the problems that michelle rhe had in this town. u can't put everybody in one pot d expect everydy to come out the same way. it doesn't work that way. what happens inard 7 and ward 8 is different from what happens in wd 4 and ward 3. >> will it affect her job? >> again, as i often say on this prram, it depends how the children do and the schools. if things getbetter, her job will be safe. if things aren good, peoe may be calling for her resignation. >> one thing that's not good is the traffic here. it's the wor in the country.
6:30 am
we're tied with chicago for drivers who spend the most time tied up in traffic. this is according to researchers vów:tjuniversiáy. and we have some of the rudt people in the nation. do you feel a relatnship there? >> not oy rud drivers but rude bicyclists >> oh, see. >> i know. you can write all the letters you want. but i have seen bicyclis go throughed lights. they don't stop at stop signs. and i -- >> i have a i bone to pick with pedestrians who can't rea a don't walk sign. toe candid, they're rude to. >> one of theeasons -- >> see h rude he is. no. >> one of th reasons, as i said, we hav more people working in this region than ere are in many regis. so a lot of the congestion is due to what, people going to work. >> well,oo many. not bad. congestion.
6:31 am
>> oh. >> how do they ow we're ruder than people in, say, oklahoma ci, or new yorkers are ruder than we are. hodo you measure that? >> i don't know. mae by the honking of horns. >> there are so many people in such a restricted spac we're stuck. tempers flair. we won't build bridges. we won'take the roadsbetter. >> we need to take a chillpill. ank you for being with us. stay with us. news 4 today continues. ♪ farewell to a pione as
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friends say good-e to sergeant shriver. good rning. i'm aaron gilchrist. it's sunday, january 23rd. we'ltake a look at our headlines in a second. first, a quick check on ur focast. meteorologist chuck bel is with us. r temperature a little warmer than it s this time but wind -- >> it's not a problem yet. if you haveomething to do outsidand you don't want to fight the wind to doit, do it as early in the day as poible. because as we go along into the la morning, lunchtime hours, the northwest winds will retn and they will be on theusty to fierce side only because temperatures wl be so cold not the windiest day of the winter but it will fl awfully cold. abraham lincoln slifrg jusa bit. 20egrees downtown. 15 degrees in fairfax this morning. 21, hagerstown. 24 in martinsburg. everyone is going to stay chilly
6:33 am
today. windchills not too bad. th winds haven't srt totd ck up yet. after the sun comes up, winds will inease. might see a passing snowflake or two, northern maryland southern pennsylvania. that's abo it. not even enough to call a dusting orround whitening. for us around here, mix of clouds and sunshine. partly cloudy to mostly sunny by late on today. temperature will stay below freezing. windchills, midafternoo windchills barely out of the single digits. so a very cold day. pbably our coldest feeling afternoon of the winter season so far. and may end up beinone of our colder days of the year. >> make it a quadruple shot of whatever it is. >> thank you, chuck. >> well, hundreds of people gathered in potomac, maryland this weekend to say good-bye to sergeant shriver. >> family and friends joid dignitaries and fill hand throw
6:34 am
pivot toss honor the man known as sarge. derrick ward has their trutes. >> reporter: they came to pay theirespects to one of the last age of cam lot. seeant shriver who died at the age of 95. his son spoke as his life of service. >> as head of lbj's great soety, legal servis, job cor corps, head start, vista, neighborhoodealth servic. >> reporter: and then more personal rembrances. >> dea grandpa, thank you for your love of baseball and everything it taught me. >> reporter: among shriver's mosten duringing legacy, his time in th piece core in the kennedy administrati. they each carried with him a bit of his imprint. >> he inspirede to join the peace core. he talked about what can be done d how we can reach out in the world. >> reporter: it created a
6:35 am
culture of service tt in some ways is uniquely american. and it iluded a vice presidential run and a medal of freem. it was still time to make the personal impression. ambassador for special olympics cherishes anld black and white photograph. >>ne of the good times of me and sarge. that was at one of his paies. >> reporter: in potoma derrick ward, news 4. final tributes for sergeant shrivecontinues in massachusetts. that's where family members thered after the funeral for the burial just aer sunset. military service members carried his casket to the grave site near hyannis, ssachusetts. he is laid to res alongside his lateife and truelove, eunice kennedy shriver. the two wer married for 56 years. congressman gabrielle
6:36 am
giords is ready for a full day of rehab today,ccording to a tweet from her husband astronaut mark kelly. doctors are amazed at her revery. she even stood up with a ltle help. one nurse descres interaction with giffords that pves she is improving ch day. i asked her if she wanted to see it. she took it into her hand and was looking at it t see all sides of the ring. she pu it on her finge to hold on to it >> doctors say she has not spokenet but she devil knows what's going on around her and is trying to counicate. >> theamilies of two missing maryland teegers are trying to get the word out about their disappearance. 17-year-old cole balderson and rachel riley have not been seen since january 12th. authities found co's black jeep wrangler abandoned in new hope, virginia. that's more than 160 miles away
6:37 am
from their homes in montgomery county. pares say if the teens ran away they did not take anying with em, and their cell phones are not working. montgomeryounty police say at this point they ha no reason to spect foul play. also in montgomery county, police s a mical emergency led to a chain reaction crash involving six cars and two pedestrians. this wreck happened yesterday ouide a giant grocery sto on rockvillpike. investigators say a woman lost control of her car in the parking lot, hit a pedestrian and another car. that triggered the chain reactionhere another pern was hit and four cars bumped into each other. rescuers took two people to the hospital. no one was serusly hurt. smallictory in the legal fight for amandknox. ameran college student is appealing the 26-year sentence for the murde of her british roommate. so far she has spent three years behind bars. yesterday in court, though, a judge gave two indendent
6:38 am
expes to review the evidence against knox. > if it were up to one group of republicans, mitt romn would behe next president. former massachusetts goverr won a poll in new hampshire yesterday. texas congressman came in second, followed by minnesota governor tim polente a sarah pali who placed fourth. while this was more for fun, new hampshire voters wl make a critical vote next yr in the presidential primary. 22 now before the top of the hour. 22 degrees outside. still ahead this hour,ore troubleor mtv's skins. the lates setback for the controversial new show. >> are youungry this mornin you may not be when you hear you may not be when you hear what one[ beeping ]taurants i
6:39 am
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> millions will watch the super bowl in a couple wee just for the commercials but they won't s an ad fox has deemed too offensive for tv it i for a websitehat sells anti-obama merchanse, two bobble headolls, one of jesus, the other of president obama. makes him fall into a fish tank and smile. thz they said it was unacceptable. minnesota vehicle, areot pling in the nfc championship game but one minnesota bar definily sided with thereen bay packers over the chicago bears. >> the way they're showi their supporforhe packers, patrons will be roasting a bear today. a bear. the bear was hot back in the fall and fzen apparently. another bar in st. paul is pulling for chicago.
6:43 am
the two bars have a friendly bet going for today's game. >> if the packers go to the per bowl, the sff will wear packer gear. >> we would wear green and gold. is that what they call them? we don't know what they wea over here >> ah. none of tha matters. they're roasting a bear. >> customers will not be able to eat this bear because meat is processed. instead,ustomers will be ale to take phot with the roasting bear. there you go. i'm not a big fan of that. >> roasted bear? >> no. just taking pictures if you're going to kill a great animal it should eaten. it's a little weird. who eats bear? >> davy crockett. >> tha was different time.
6:44 am
some place they re doing tiger burgers or something lik that. apparely wherever that was it's legal to kill and cook. i feel so palestinian just liking fish and chicken now. >> stick with the chips and dip today. >> chips and dip. there'aeal for you the. >> favorite thing to bring toqn party. >> chip and dip, mmm. cold sunday forecast comi right up. [ female nouncer ] bk to school mean back to busy mornings.
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somewhere in arica, we've already answed some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. anthe over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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>>welcome back. 23 degrees ouide. it's just hard toeal with. you walk out there and it's like the coat is not enough. the pants aren't enough. i saw somebody in a mini skt. >> that's crazy. >> yeah wow. that's cold. >> crazy cold. all right. cold, cold, cold. you need to ready for it, everybody. if you're thinking, whas someing different you could do on an ice colday like today? re's an idea. the climat action group. brinng attention to global
6:48 am
warming. freezing cold water in the dead of winter. >> it's going to be a cold day outside. they should do this in the summertime. these are hard-re climate supporters. they're out theren duringing the 35 degree waters in the potomac yesterday. whew! too cold for me. right now temperatures -- air temperatur are in the mid to uppereens in many spots. a few locatio in the higher rer tan, mi20s this morning. not much of a breeze bwing just ye northwest winds coming back by mid to late morning. bundle up factor big time this afternoon. e or t lonesome snowflakes. no expecting any accumulating snow. what looks to be a bubble of warmer air out to our west whe cincinnati is up 25 degrees compared to the same time
6:49 am
yesterday. there's still only 18 right now. so that's a lot of cold air to our north and west that will continue to filter in here more winter weath aisories to worry aut just yet. our tuesday night into wednesday snow chances are diminishing just a little bit. comper models having a very rd time getting a handle. the more thehave trouble dealing with, t less of an impact it usually becomes. high presse in charge. front side of that high is reinforcg shots of cold ai a very cold night tonight, into monday morng the colst night of the stretch. despread single digits tomorrow mornin as we go through the day on monday, the clouds on e incrse. as we head towards early tuesday moing, 8:00 tuesday morning, might have some very light precipitation around here. most likely most prep will hold off until tuesday night, wednesday. ev then, light mixg wh rain. today, a mix of clouds and sunshine becomg breezy and sting very cold today.
6:50 am
highs only in the low to mid-20s with windchills down near 10 degrees. tomorrow, a bitterold start. then increasing clouds later in the day. high staying in the 20s. back into the0s on tuesday. i've lowered the chancesor precipitation down to 30% tuesday. and 60% chance on wednesday now unform includes a rain/snow x. behind that, breezy and chilly ather into next weekend. kids, keep doing your hework fo this week. >>it turned out to be a pretty good day forur local sports teams. here's him dermish.
6:51 am
your spos minute begins with thcapitals. guys north of the border in toronto. second start in a ro he stops 35 of 36 shots he faced. ovechkin scored his first hat trick of the season. capitals win 4-1 over the maple leafs. braden says no, sir. movinguickly from one side to the other. great save. holpe stopped 35 of 36 shotsn thgame. third period, caps up 1-0 after an ovechkin goal. shot deflects. so nice we see it twice. cond of the game, 18th of the season. caps take a2-0 lead. later, 2-1, caps. off the faceoff. matt hendrix. this is hustling righthere. the puck on e breakaway. beautiful mos. his sixth of the year. sweet goal. capitals take a 3-1 lead. 30 seconds to placement toronto,
6:52 am
empty net. caps clear the puck. ove scores hishird goalf the game. his first hat trick this season. first agains the maple leafs. one hat on the ice in tonto. somebody's keychains or keys. 1, their second straigh win. up next for the capitals, home game ainst the rangers o monday. nba now. after friday night's losso the suns, johnall said, quote, it felt like a road game. st night with the boston celtics at times it felt like the wizards were theome team again. this night an advantageous outcome fothe home team. john wall, first matchup against rondo. late fourth quarter. wizards down tw blh puts it up and in. we're tied at 79. he had 11 points. moment later, still tied at 79. celtics to allen.
6:53 am
wizards don't bother guarding him. wizards go the other way. jo wall, through two defenders to layup. take their first lead, 81-79. ll finished with 16 points. hometown fans showing up, loving that. tied at 81. blast to wall. well, folks, the bank is open. bank st three. thank you very much. wizards up, 84-81. last chance for the celtics. wizards lead by one. paul piee with it. r the win. no good. missed it e wizards hangn to win it, 85-83. here's a happy head ach, saunders. whe we play defense you give yourself a chance to pla anybod our defense is great for secon half and we did a better job. we took advantage of mismates. went at paul a little bit. there's no question in foul
6:54 am
trouble is aig y. a huge part o what they do as far as defensively. and i found out that john has a great bankhot from the three-point line. >> oh, yes, he does. d the wizards will try f thr first road win monday in new york. college hoops now. goin to the m.i.t. is like hoping to go to haii but you enup in oakland. not a desirable destinatn. maryla is trying to play with the same apprch. they took step in the right direction, defending clemson at comcast center. off their worst home loss in 12 years. terrell inside the williams. plus the foul. williamson, 16 points, 11 rebounds, 13th consecutive double-dble set the school record. pretty cool. head to the half. but the tigers had a chance to win it in the end. great look at the bucket.
6:55 am
it falls short. less than three minutes, terps up three. tucker f three. got it. he had 15 points. terpsheir lead to six. down to 1.6 seconds to go. great look at the bucket but no good. maryland hangs on to win, 79-77. coach ry comes. improved to 2-3 in the acc. l right. charlottesville, tony bennett and the cavaliers, three-game sle against georg tech. uva with the ball in the first half. farrakhan in the corner. knocks down the three-pointer. virginia takes a 31-2 lead. end of the half. yellowjackets turn it over. here come the cavalier joe harris out frt. passes to his good buddyk. harrell. finished with 17 points. cavs up at the break. second half, more cavs.
6:56 am
sammy off the screen from dee by 27 feet. ries it. virginia up by 18. their biggest lead othe game. later sweet pass for harrell insi to farrakhan. he went for a game hh 23 points. virginia beats georgia tech, 7 247b 64. improve to 2-3 in the acc as well. up next, home game against maryland. to harrisonburg. madison versus harrison. early second half. george mason down one. cam long drives. gets the layup to go. career-high 30 points for the patriots. later theukes go on a run. they call him humpty. jason on the tback. mes madison led by eht in the second half. back come the patriots. cam long drives to mike morrison for the dunk. big-time play. here comes george mason.
6:57 am
under 10 minutes to go vaughan th it. turns it over. but cam lon steals it right back. over to ta for three. got it. gives george mason the lead. caps, 10-0 ru 75-73. patriots now 6-2 in the conference. and elsewhere yesterday, george washingt falls to st. bon venture. that's yourorning spts. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. still news 4 after the break. >> viewpoint. stay with us.
6:58 am
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no, we didt. ♪ we' t ks in america ♪ oh, oh, o ♪ we'rehe kids in america ♪ oh, oh, o govrng good morning. weome to news 4 today. i'm kimberly suit sgler good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. chuck ll is here and says break out the snuggies this morning all morning long. >> take it with you wherever your going. >> you're allowed to look ridiculous day. >> they would be. >> aeep in the corner with a snuggy. cold outsidetoday. not terribly cold outside first
7:01 am
thing this morning. definitely a wter chill. temperatures in the teensnd low 20s not quite as ferociously cold as it was yesterday morning. as the sun moves along, temperatures will climb oy a couple degrehis afternoon. that northwesterly wind will be e bain of your existence. it willeep things on the cool side. upper teens and 20s. not much of a windchill just yet. as it starts to intensify it will increase the northwesterly wind. it will be a windy and cold day today. midday windchil. may not get much above 10 to 15 degrees. pack your snuggies and get ready to go out and enjoy your day. when someone tells you you look dumbust say chuck said i could do it. >>hecking your top stories, families are searching for two teens from montgomery county, maryland 17-year-old cole balderson and
7:02 am
chel riley haven't been seen in two weeks. authorits found cole's black jeep wraler abandoned inew hope, virginia. sergeant shiriver was burie next to his wife union is kennedy shriver. and the focus of the state of the union address on tuesday will be jobs. in his weekly video address, mr. oba said he will announce his plans that will create jobs and hopefully, he says, improve american comtitiveness over the long term. you can see the state of the union on tsday night at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. those are some of the stories makingews today. next is nbc 4's viewpoin >> we'll be back in a few minutes with an update. >> good morning and welcome to viewint. our topic this sunday morning is distracted driving a its dangerous effects. ou guests in the studio this morning we have wh us john
7:03 am
townend from aaa, and first sergeant ron leh with inner county conntor. we appreciate y all coming in. >> thank you. >> this is a topic that is jus rely taking off in recent mont. everybody see to have cell phone, everybody is texting on uch screen phones now. but when igets behind the wheel we're talkingbout significant, snificant consequences. 28% of all accents are csed by distracted driving. are we seeing tha number just gr because of cell phones? >> of all the traffic trends, that's the number thas growing. we see a drop in e number fatal accidents, drop in drunk driving incidents in this country but an increase in the number of people involved in crashes cause of distracted driving. and the reason for that is the use of cell phes, texting
7:04 am
while driving. it's not only a universal oblem in the united states but a widespread problem in our area too. >> nadine, you of course work with a lot of young people. break it down forus. who is doi this when we talk about young peop? >> well, we're talking about young peoplehat just received a driver's license. 're talking abouthe ages of 16, 17, 18, 19, up t21 that, you know, they're listen to go loud music in the ca they're texting. they have a car load full of other youths in th car with them. and they're not equipped. they think that they can talk and drive and text and drive. but it's our noung drivers just receiving their driver's license where we're starting to notice a major concern and problem. >> and they're forming bad habits early, habits that are tough to break,sergeant, apart
7:05 am
th? >> they are. because the adult commuter working populatio is doing it also. before blackberries and evything else, your work started when you got to the office. now it startshen you first roll out of bed and you grab the phone. now, there's this trend to where you're in the motor vehicle so. >> how do you write tickets for this? >> it's pretty blatant. they're pitching it between their shoulder. >> in maryland, it' a secondary offense. law enforcement has to observe them breaking another traffic law where they can actually make the stop for contracted driving. >> tt could be weing. >> speeding. failure to maintain in their lane. any numberf other thin. seat belt. but they need another primary charge first. >> when we talked about
7:06 am
distracted driving before, we include eating in the car, you know, playing with the radio. now we have ipods. now we have teing. our full attention is taken away from what's in front o us or around us. how is the usef cell phones talking on hand-ld cell phone or texting differ from other distracted driving? >> it's probably the most pernicious for of distracted driving. changes the radio station is not as involved as talking on a cell phone. it takes a second or two to change the radio dial. but when you're talking on a cell phone while driving, whether hands free or a nd-held cell phone, you're in just as much dang. it is nothe device but the conversation which tes your mind o driving. ople who are reading text meages while driving. let me give you an example of this. we did a survey jus recently of
7:07 am
drivers in the construction zone wherthe hot lanes are being built. it's the largest construction project in the united states currently. yet 55% of drivers who drive-through that construction zone are on their cell one. >> and they admit to it. >> they admit tit. >> so it may be higher >> it may be higher. and the number of people texting whilin that zone has increased by 47% in the last year alone. >> and this is something that takes, as you ntioned, not just your mind away from it but your eyes. we're talking about a sit second o reaction time. so you look up and you're on either off the road or another vehicle. >> if u take your e off the road, off the steering whe for three seconds you would travel the distance of three footbal fields. that's how danrous it is. by the time you lookp and observe that you are approaching another car, it's too late. you'renvolved in the crash. and we know tha anywhere from
7:08 am
30% to almost 80% of all crashes in this country are caused by some form of distracted drivg. >> what are you seeing in terms of the kinds of collisions. >> rear end and drifting over. becae their attention is just not there. wh you look at your overall stopping distance, that encompses the ability of the vehicle to come and stop, but then you also had human factors that come in there, the identifying of the prlem, the decision on what you're going to do to get arod the problem and actually reacting to it. >> the human brain is fairl quick. it takes about three-quarters of a second. but if your md is not where it is, if your focus is not where it needso be, one second here and youravel this great enormous distance. now here you are in the rear of
7:09 am
another patron. >> compare it if you will to drinking and driving. >> well, drinking while driving take your perception away. imaginwith your perceptio already being gone and then you have a distraction of a telephe conversation, as john said, it cld be hands free, in your hand, texting. you're not as focused as you would be without anythg thout drinking, without texting. but when you come combine drinking and distractive decisions you have a fatal issue. >> you're just as impaired. >> if you're on the celphone, you're just as impaireds if you were legally drun >> we'll pick up the conversation from there when we come right back on viewpoint as we discuss distracted drivg. so stay with us. [ whistle ]
7:10 am
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7:12 am
how do we reach out to young people? >> we have fad which is the d.c. codinating office, students against destructi decision sadd has a hanook that gives schools,teachers, parents information on what to do and how to prevent tir kids from doing any sort of distracted driving. and also it starts at home. insurance mpanies. you know need to have i place what wl happen kids and pants need to make pacts.
7:13 am
more importantly, kids seem to learn from peers. that's why i suggest sadd. and we have uth advocates tha are pier leaders w can go out andalk about the dangers of distract driving,rinking and driving ando on and so forth. >> we looked back at seatbelts and how our habitsave changed with that and dnk driving too. oftentimes it's a tragedy that serves as awakeup call particularly to young people. that can make a fference. so we're going to have to have more enforcemt. for example, aaa nationwide is making a push for all 50 states toass texting while driving bans. this year, in january, delaware became the 30th state to pass such a ban. so 30 states have de it. 12 in the last year or so. and weeed tougher enforcement. one thing wre going to do is
7:14 am
look at the state of marylan which has distracted dving as a secondary offense. and in virginia, it is only $25 fan if you're caught texting while driving. so we needo underscore the seriousness of this and lawmakers need to understand this. because it is spreading across all age groups. when we look at the capital beltway, we saw 57% of drivers who said they were texting while driving or using the cell phone while driving said they were doing it because of a work-related issue because o a supervisorr their company called them while they're sitting in traffic or texting them a message and they felt they had to respond to it imdiately. >> and the sbirs don't have a formal policy in place for this. >> that's true. we're asking companies ithe washingt metro area to sign pledges to refrain fro contacting their employees while they're in traffic. you know who they are. that's whyou picked uphe phone to call them. and to formalized policies in
7:15 am
place. ultimately it will save lives. >> do tickets work? or is it too ely to tell on texting and using cell phones. >> it really is too earlyo tell. but the public is smart. just few days ago i passed by motorists out there and mayor going 55, 56 miles per hourown the road. and they' on the cell one. so i mean, it kind of tieshe nds by being a secondary charge. if they're dng thepeed limit and not doing anything wrong you can't take the extra steps and wre the cite cation. >> whether it's $25, $100, when yosee a repeat offender the judge has some discretion and he can make it more painful. that is the judge's call. and e circumstances is the case. it involves a collision.
7:16 am
d theyone it new,second, third, fourth, fifth offense. was there a fatality involved. >> how often do we knowhen fatalities are involved in some of these cell phone accidents. >> well, we know betwe 20% and 30% of all cshes in this country are caused by distracted iving and the use of cell phones. st of the time it had to be self reported. especially iyou find a crash scene to determine that. but in many cases the person will not admit they were driving distractedly because of insurancissues. the other is the pernicious attitude in the washington area where incomes are so high people assume even if they g a rticular it it' the cost of doing business. so if you're a business person answering ausiness callnd you get a $100 ticket in the district of columbia, which is the fine, you say, well, that's
7:17 am
th price of doing business. but it's more than that. it is not only a lifestyle, it's deathstyle. and it takes a toll on us. we have to change our attitude about it. an many peoplere not doing that. that's the great ierent danger. >> young people, 's tougher to get them toee this than it is growups. we're not doing t best job either. >> correct. also, weave to look at this from an environmental standpoint. when we look at the .08, drking law. it took the state years to apt the .08. until y saw a lot of drinking and drivingfatalities and it goes back tthe same with seatbelts. we have to see something fatal before we make change we really do not he to go to that extent. wean use those two instances
7:18 am
that have to do with driving to change our envonment now to set dierent policies to we don't have to get to e points we did years ago and takeears to accept. when we come ba
7:19 am
sgleep teens have a community in montgomery county very worried thismorning. 17-year-old cole balderson and rachel riley have t been seen since january 12th authorities found cole's black jeeprangler abandoned in new hopevirginia. 1972 vice esidential candidate was buried next to his
7:20 am
late wife in massachusetts. earlier yesterda hundreds gatheredo honor the 95-year-old at a funeral mass. congresswoman gabby giffords continues her amazing recovery and rehalitation. doctors say she was more alert saturday, stood up with assistance. while she hn't spoken yet, she's fully aware with whas gog on around her. more news and weather in 15 minutes. now back to viewpoint. we're tking about distracted driving and its dangous effects. when i asked the qution, what it going to take, and you say it's three prong, we have enforcemen in education. t also engineering. >> yes. >> what are we talking about? >> technogy that can actually be placed in the phones or within the vehicle to restrict the use while the vehicle is in motion. that's going to stir a lot of coroversy in people.
7:21 am
techlogy has come a long way. engineing goes also along with education. ere's signage placed on the roadways to help the education point. >> to remind pele. >> to remind us to hang up the phone not get on the phone. >> when you hear the phone ring and it's in the car wityou or vibratand you want to answer that call, what can parents do? what can we tell people to do? put the phone in the trunk we've heard. what else? >> we can instrt our kids no to answer the phones. i would call. would know wheny child would ha the car. i uld call on the cell phones. hesaid, mom, you're calling me. i was dring. and i was testi toee whether or not he would answer the phone. parents get a monthlybill.
7:22 am
they can look and see if their childexts or even telephones during the driving time. they need to place meares so eir children know that that you are aware that they are talking on the phone, that they're texting while driving. >>o youroint earlier about oof, sarergeant, there's a timeline. >> there's timeline that goes alonwith it. a lot of pice vehicles are equipped with vid cameras and will record a lot of this going on on the road. a lot of collision investigators will use phone records to try to -- especially if it involves a fatality to see if they were operating a phone o texting at that time d line all those things up as an evidentiary typ procedure. >> here we are in the beltway. where are we in terms of grid lock
7:23 am
there's a new studyut this weekend. how much does that have to do with using our cell phone behind the wheel. >> studies show we have the worst grid lock in the country. we snd 70 hours morthan our counterparts being stuck in traffic and0 hours more than major cities being stuck in grid lo. so that's a great temptation to use the cell phe to compeate for that. now, at the same time we know it's wrong. we know it's illegal. for exame, we sur vaf drivers in the washington metro ar. 99% of all drivers, especially those on the belty, know that it is dangerous to use a cell phonehile drivingut we still do it. and 99% of all drivers on the beway think it should be illegal to do so but yet we still do . we have a split personality. it's almost like dr. general
7:24 am
ectric sxdr. jeckyll and mr. hide. fear more an aggressive driver or people suffering from low grade. but yet as pergo said, i've seen the enemy a it is us. >> we know it's wrong. every one of us does. >> the dtracted driver. we're the poster children for distracted driving. >> we'll be back. much more to talk about, so stay much more to talk about, so stay wi
7:25 am
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7:26 am
we have a lot of campaigns forrugs and alcohol that have gotten the attention of kids.
7:27 am
you with we need to develop a safety campaign,istracted driving, drinking and driving. just something that spes to the power of anutomobile. and h you cane in distraction. at's one of the mostowerful tools that we allow and put into kids's hands. and it is the most dangerous. in some ways they have to be able to understand th. >> we were talking earlier about discipline andhe pledge. sometimes it can boil down to that. we a make choices. if you know you're weak and you wa to reach for it every time, get it out of your reach. that way you know it is there but you just can't get to it. it will help you maintain the focus. hopefully by you making that choice andou can lead by example, hopully it willtop
7:28 am
spreading. >> joe, yound a lot of people, i used them before bluetooth, is is that a little less distracting? it has to be because you're not lookg down certainly. >> well, that's the great exceion on people's park. thers very little difference between the behavior of ariver wi the hands-free cell phone and a hands-fr device -- or hand-held cell one. it's justs dangous. but you lure yourself into believing you're a safer driv, and that's t problem. the ct is you have to hang the phone up. talk aboutcampaigns,e have one going now. it is called orange cones no phones. youeally have to have no
7:29 am
phones. t it inhe glove department, trunk. you've got to hang it up. >> would youike to see pice all over the country have little more power in this or have the penalties be a little tougher. >> we wod like it to see it as a primary charge not secondary. as for penalties, that's not for us to dede. that's for the courts and the lawmakers. it's all separated. we're the enforceme side. the power we need is to make that a pmary stop. >> do the penties work? >>es. they're pushing for penalties especially in virginia during this lislative seson and to close the loophole. maryland's law is the fact that you can read a text while driving. thus, you have to be brain dead. it's dangous. >>yeah.
7:30 am
>> it is the whole process of taking youryes o the phone. but yet lawmakers put that lop hole into laut it has to be closed. >> and a final messageor young peempt we have a few seconds left. >> the final meage, put the phone away. it's n necessary. it's not that portant. your life is so much me important than being on the telephone, texting. take a minute and focus on drivg. you know? and tk to your peers. don't get in the car with someone is,eell kids not to get in the car with someone who is drinking and driving. >> exactly. >> don'tet in the car with someone texting or talking on the phone eithe because it is just as dangerous. >> vy good advice. great insight. >>hank yo >> thank you very much and we thank you for watching us on viewpoint this sunday morning. now back to news 4 today. enjoy the rest of your ekend, everybody.
7:31 am
and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrt. >> it's nday, january 23rd. news is ahd. first, though, we want to check in with meteorologist chuck bell who joins u ithe studio when you said it wa a little warmer this morninthan yesterday, it surprised me. but u're right. >> warmer is just not the right word. it's all relative. >> ridiculouridiculous. t quite as cold as yesterday morning, but that's onl half the problem we ll be facing fotoday. the other half is the returnf the northwest wind. be ready for that. temperatures right now not horribly cold. upper teens to low 20s. certainly a winter bite in th area, doubt about it. windchills now low teen problem is later on this
7:32 am
afternoon now that the sun is up, it's gng to mix down the winds from higher up in the atmospre. that's going to make for a very breezy d today. and a breeze with temperatures staying in the mid to upper 20s will meanindchills near 10 degrees for much of the afternoon. so a very cold day today. temperatures might mak it to 30 for a brief time, but windchills willtay teens at best for later on this afternoon. real bundle up factor. >> when it's freezing inside the house, younow it's cold. >> tt means the air conditioner is on. that's usuallyhat that means at m house anyway. >> thank you, john. two maryland famies say the fact tt they have not seen their two missing teens in two weeks has em scared. adding to their worries, the kids's suv turd up abandon. rcy spencer has their story. >> as the mother or parents, if theyre runaways or somhing else has happened, that is what is so heart wrenching. >> 17-year-old cole balderson
7:33 am
and rachel riley, high school sweet hearts, have been missing 10 days. their familiesre making a plea for them to co home or at least call. >> we want them to come home safe. if you know anhing about where they arejust please call anody, just call. tell us where they are. >> cole's dad said his son apparently skipped schoo wednesday, january2th. cole and rachel were at a friend's house. he said took rachel to her house and thenome home. after that, they bh vanished. the black jeep wrangler was found abandon in new hope, virginia, 160 ulney. >> any time your child is missing for an extended period of time, it seems to get a little bit longer. you're going to be scared. >> it was not plned. they do nohave any money. as far as we know, the cell phones are notorking. >> the tns attend sherwood hi school. they're descbed as athletes, good kids with no history of
7:34 am
running ay. their parents arbaffled and frightened. >> whatever you're going through, whatever happened that caused you to run,t can be worked out. there are many, many people here toelp you work it out. >> a facebook event has bee set up to bring attenon to the search. nearly 17,000 people have joined. patty is le's aunt. >> someone knows where they are. d i think sooner or later they're going to fl uncomfortable and say this is wrong and hefully we'll find them then. >> montgomery county pole are investigating a missing person's case. they say there'so reason to suspecfoul play. they hope anyone who knows where the teens are will givthem a call. darcy spencer, new4 today. sergeant shriver has been laid to rest. the peace corps. founder was buriedext to his late wife. euce kennedy shriv. hundreds gathered in potomac maryland.
7:35 am
for shriver's feralmass. one by one his grandchildren, many of the 19 of them, read short remembrances. first la michelle obama, vice president joe biden, bill clinton, oah and bono atteed the service. shriver died last tsday after an eight-year battle with alzheimer's. he was 95 years old. he recovery of coresswoman gabby giffords hit itfirst speed bump. doctors are deciding wt to do with t buildup of brain fluid before she can start her eatment. despite the min tback, they are stl amad at her recovery. sheven stood up with a little he. one nurse describes interaction with giffords that pros she is improving each day. >> i asked her ishe wanted to see it. she took it to her hand and was looking at it to see all sides the ring. she put it on her nger to hold on to it.
7:36 am
>> that's a very good sign. doctors say that she has not spoken yet but she devil knows what's goi on around her a is tryin to communicate. mitt romney has been elected president in a mock electn by republicans that i former massachusetts governor n a presideial stronghold in new hampshire sterday. texas congressman ron paul came in cond, followed by minnesota governor tim poe lenty and former alaska governor sarah palin o placed fourth. while this was more for fun, new mpshire voters will make a critical vote next year in the primary. president oma is preparing for his second state of the union address. and as he will say, the number one priority is to bring more jo to america. in his weekly video address, the president says he plans to outline an agenda to create jobs and prove american competitiveness over the long term. he will disss ways to reduce the national debt and how he plans toork with republicans to achieve all these goals. thepeech wilbe delivered
7:37 am
esday nightt 9:00 p.m. here on nbc 4. and some gd news for an area decimated by the receion. genel motors will aounce it's adding 600 jobs to its assembly line plant i flint, michigan. it has more than 2,000workers, ilds heavy duty chevy and gmc trucks. the new js will be for workers who have been previously laid off by general motors 37. and traffic alert now for ltway drivers in northern virgin virginia. mar construction of wilson bridge project will begin nt week. the inner loo will close at 9:30 in the morni and reopen at 3:00 monda through thursday and noon friday. various lanes of 495, telegraph road and huntington avenue will also be closed for nstruction. detour signs will be posted. if you can, you need to avoid at area altogether. it's 7:37.
7:38 am
right now, could alex ovechkin propel the caps to victory. >> hakim dermish has highlights in sports in a minute. >> good rning, everyone. your sports minute begins with the capitals. guys nth of the border in toronto. second start in a row. he stops 35 of 36 shots he faced. ovechkin scorehis first hat trick of the season. capitals w 4-1 over the maple leafs. wizards sting the eastern conference boston celtics at verizon center. and the wards d something they haven'tone lately. yes, folks, they didn't implode wn the stretch. wizards to the lead with over a mite to go on the three-pointeoff the glass. monts later, the celtics had a chance to win it, but paul pierce shot is no good. wizas win 85-83. down a level. rps trying to rebound from a
7:39 am
tough ss on thursday night and they did just that. against the clemson tigers, williams finishewith 15 points, 11 rebounds, 13th consecutive uble-double sets the school record. but the tigers had a chance to win itn the end. great look at thbucket. it falls short. maryland hangs on to win, 79-77. elwhere, college about about, 724. georgeason edges james madison, 75-. george washington falls to saint boa venture. that's yousports minute. i'm hakim dermh. have a great day. thanks hakim. we'll try too ahead and do that. still this hour, skins sheds sponsors. theatest to pl out ofmtv's controversial new show. >> why would anybody think it's a good idea to run into i cold war on a weekend as cold as this one? we'll try to make sense of this when we come back.
7:40 am
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seven years ago, i had this idea. to make babyood the way moms would. ppybaby strives to make the best organ baby food. in a busess like ours, personal connections are so important. we use ourmerican express open gold card to further those connections. last year we too dozens of trips using membership rerds points to meet with the farmers that growur sweoes and merchantthat sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 700. boing is using points to make connections that grow your business.
7:42 am
h&r block and general motors place removed their s. they cal the show, quot the most dangerous tv show for childrene've evereen. they say any company who still runs ads on skins is endorsing teenrug use and wild sexual behavior. commercials during the super bowl are just as populars the tual game, b one ad has been deemed two offsive by fox. we're gog to show it to you. it's for a website that sells
7:43 am
anti-president obama merchande. two bobble head dolls, one o jesu the other of president obama. he makes him fall into a fish ta and smiles. they saidt was all done in fun. a fridly wagerefore the steelers and ravens scared off last week. >> pitburgh won the game and the bet, and baltimore mayor madeood o that bet wearing a piece of clothing she would rather note seen in. >> wow. formal setting, too. visibly uncomfortable in the black and gold called the stlers the superior football team, which was also part of th deal. she then cnged into a blacktop and purple scarf. pittsburgh's mayor also got famous btimore crabcakes.
7:44 am
wow. that's a sce. >> that's a rough loss ere. d there was no smile during any of that. >> the "today" sho is next on nbc 4 and starts at 8:00. >>et's get a preview now. lester holt joins us live with that. >> good morning, kberly and aaron. looks like a hostage veo. the captives are treating me well. we're talking about how low can it go? a bitter atic blast across much of the country. it's been arutal winter weather. another big storm on t way. also, a truly remarkable story. california woman unable topeak for ars underwent a rare voi box transplant she has her own voice back and is able to talk. >>hen the royal wedding. who might b on the royal gue list? one name in particular surfaced and is giving royal watchers a lot to talk about. and rah's big surprise.
7:45 am
a family secret she said shook her to the core. what will i be? we'll look into it when jen and i see you a ltle bit later on "tay". >> another secret revealed. thank you, lest. 7:45. let's check inith chuck. >> very cold way to get t day started today. waitntil tomorrow morning about this time. might bes much as 10 degrees colder than this. how long does the cold air stick around? a complete cck of the foreca straight ahead. ♪ [ female aouncer ] picking tights isn't always easy. ♪ picking a free detergent i switch ttide free & gentle in the wte and blue bottle. no other free detergent is milder on skin.
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[ le announcer ] ...he inspired our company... with hioptimism, his belief in innovion, and his entrreneurial spirit. [ man for general eleric, here is ronald reagan. ♪ they're notcreaming with excitement. this is hard to watch. if you think about how cold it is, check out tse people not taking it off but swimming in
7:48 am
the freezingotomac river. the fifth annual polar bear climate action group sponsor this group. >> look at this lady with the shower cap on. >> taking her time. >> she's going to go all the way. oh, i wish the cam - oh, my gosh. what a trper. >> lady in the swer cap. hard-core. >> w. that's really cool. if you're not dng anything today and you're planng on getting married this ar, this is an event you'll want toear about. washington bride and broom uniled. one of the coole parts that vera wang, 2011 wedding dss line will bethere. you can win a trip to tahiti. and've been asked to emcee the event. >> you get to meet one kimberly suiters. >> it's been a while sce iut on aeddingdress. >> are you goi to put one on?
7:49 am
>> i have photographs from the real thing. >> fair enough. bring those in as well. >> if i dothat, next weekend? >> she'll walk out with that vera wang dress, ner to be seen again. >> i'll take the bck one. >> a black one. whew. >> only because i'm already married. i don' need the white. >> let's go from here. >> yes. >> all right. cold weather, everybody, i you're going to be outside today, if youe going out, whatever you're goingo do, you will need to bundle up. get out the scarves and the will hats and the glafs. outside ght now, a lite bit of sunshine getting through. clouds hanging overhead first thing this morning. clouds should be on their way out by late morning, early afternoon. should have a partly to mostly sunny day today. it's a cold one. and i dug up a cool factoid.
7:50 am
december months. there are three months, decemb, january, february. those are the winter months. and the last timee set a record low temperature in the winter was 1994. in december the most recent record low in theonth of december, 1989. the most recent was 1994. look at that. we have not set a record low in the moh of february in 41 years. unbeliable. not so much a climate change issuas the urban heat island effect. all the downwn buildings hold the at in. that's big part of the region naonal airport, we have a hard time getting a cold as we ed to. right now, though, it' cold ough for just about erybody. teens to near0 degrees. a little bit of a breeze starting to ck up now. now that the sun is up, the wind is going to start to inease. by late morning, early afternoon, northwest winds 10 to 20iles per hour will keep windchills in the uer single digits and low teens. upper parts of loudo county, southern frederick, right along
7:51 am
the potomac not expecng anytng. this is conversational snowflakes athe most 6 degrees warmer now than the same time yesterday. this time tomorrow might be as much as 10 degrees colder tn we a at this point itime. why? look at the cold air to our north. single digitabove and bel zero from minneapolis to detrt. the cold air will continue to filter on the northwesterly winds for today. hi pressure over sthern wisconsinor now as that aa of high pressure noses i way to the easte seaboard. it will keep us really cold toda high pressure overhead clear skies. light winds. bone dry a in place. bombs away for overnight low temperatures tonight. widespread single digits for you who live out in the northern and western suburbs. most of that sno will go north and west. and the storm systeme've been wahing for tuesday, wednesday is looking lower impact. today, partly sunny.
7:52 am
breezy and cold. temperates mid-20s. tomoow's highs also onl in the 20s. a little bit of a moderation on tuesday. we've lowered the chaes for snow. the snow chance on wednesday now also iludes a rain/sn mix. we're not taking i all back completely but pulli it back a bit. >> turneout to be a good day fo our local sportsams. >> reporter: good moing, everyone. last tight hockey night in cana featuringhe cap taps and maple leafs. ovechk always puts on a show. he had a hat trick. 22 goals in 22 career games ainst the maple leafs. check this young man out making a fashion statement in tonto. interesting suit to say the least i guess, ting to emulate this guy, canadian broadcaster don cherry. i love that. don approves. nice.
7:53 am
toronto on the attack some tick tack toe passing. he says no, si take another look. holpe from one sid to the other. he stopped 35 of 36 shots in the me. third period, caps up 1-0 after ovechkin goal. here mike green shoots from inside the blue line. shot deflected. so nice we see it twice. second of the game, 18th of the season. 2 capsake a 2-0 lead. later, 2-1 caps. off the faceoff. matt hendrix, this is hustling. puckn the breakaway. beautiful moves. his sixth of the year. that was a sweet al. capitals take a 3-0 lead. 30econds to play now. toronto, empty net. caps clear the net. ove, he can hustle too. third goal of the game. his first hat trick this season. first against the maple leafs.
7:54 am
one hat on the ice in toronto caps defeat the mle leafs, 4-1shgs their secondtraight win. upext for thecatals, home game against the rangers on monday. nba now. afte friday night's loss at home tthe phoenix suns, wizards rookieohn wall said, quote, it feltike a road game. last night with the boston celtics in town, at times it felt like the wizards were the road team again. on this night, an advantageous outcome for the home team. wizard playing back-to-back since 2005. hn wall against fellow kentucky alumni, rondo. they workt to blach. up and in. he had 11 points. he momts later, tied at 79. wizards don't bother guarding him. uslly he hits that. john wall, through two defenders. gets to lay-.
7:55 am
wizards take their first lead. hometown fans showing up. tied at 81. blast to wall. folks,he bank is en. bank shot three. thank you very much. wizards up 84-81. last chance for the celtics. wizards lead by one. paul pierce with it. for the win. no good. missed it. e wizards hang on to win it, 85-83. here's a happy head coach, saunders. >> i think what they're ting to tellim is you have a chance to play against everybody. our defee is great the second half. and we did a better job. we took advantage of mismatches. ra shard went at paul. got him in foul trouble. you tak on a huge part wh they did offensively. and i found out that, you know, john has a great bank shot from
7:56 am
the three-point line >> oh, yes, he does. he will try on mondayn new york. college hoops now. going to the nit is like hoping to go to hawaii but you end u in kland. not a desirable destination. maryland is tryin to play with the same approach. yesterday the terps took a ste in the right direction. terps coming o their worse home loss in 12 years. first half, terrell insid to williams. misses it. but he stays with it. plus the fou 15 points, 11 rebounds. t the school recd. pretty cool. tigers worng inside grant. up and in. son of former washington harvey clemsonloses out on a 7-0 run. less than three minutes to play. terps up three. tucker f three. got it. he had 15 points. terps struck their leado six.
7:57 am
but clems has chance to win it. wn two. 1.6 seconds. great look at the bucket but no good. maryland hangs on twin, 79-77. ach gary williams and the terps improve in theacc. all right. charlottesville. tony bennett and the cavaliers against georgia tech. first half, uva with the ball. gets him totop farrakhan in the corner. knocks dow the three corner. yellowjacketturn it over. here come the cavaliers. joe harris out front. paes to k.t. harrell under the bucket. he fished with 17 points. cavs up 43-29 at the break. second ha, me vs. sammy off the screen from deep by 27 feet. buries it. rginia up by 18. their biggestead of the game. later, sweet pass for harrell
7:58 am
inside to faakhan. he went for a game high 23 ints. virginia wins, 72-64. improve to 2-3 in the acc as well. me game versu maryland on thursday. two harrisonburg, james madison. doing the john wall dance. cam long driv. gets the layup to go. plus the foul. he had a career-high 30 points for th paiots. later, the dukes go on a run. humpty off the mark. james madison led by 8 in the second half. back come thepatriots. cam long drive to mike morrison for the dunk. big-time play. here comes georgemason. der 10 minutes to go now. george mason down one. ughan is with it. turns over. but cam long steals it right ba. over to tate for three. got it. gives george mason the lead.
7:59 am
caps 10-0 patriots run. they never traed after that. george mason edges madison, 75-73. patriots 6-2 in the conference. and eewhere yesterday, georg washington falls to saint bonaventure. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. >> thanks, hakim. going to be tough to have a great day with these teeratures. >> no, no, no. stand close to someo you like a lot. you'll be warmer. >> that'it for news 4 today. backn 25 minutes with a local news update. >> join us a9:00or a full hour of news. until then, try to stay warm. ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wl in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why t? it's all possible in the n. royacaribbean's floating nation


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